Milledgeville City Hall

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Public Works

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The Public Works Department is comprised of Streets and Sidewalks, Cemetery and Parks, Sanitation and Central Garage Departments and offers a variety of services

These services include repair and maintenance of over 100 miles of city streets, public rights-of-ways, easements and public cemeteries/parks. Public Works Department provides storm water control to over 27 miles of storm drains and maintains the city´s fleet of over 225 vehicles. Additionally, this department provides curbside collection of yard waste for nearly 7,000 customers. 

Besides repairing potholes, crack sealing, and other problems which may be dangerous to pedestrians or vehicles, public works also performs regular downtown  street sweeping to help keep the city clean and ensure trash doesn't accumulate.


Phone: (478)414-4037
Fax: (478)414-4038


Public Works operates and maintains the city's storm/sewer collection system and storm water collection system. This includes preventive and emergency maintenance, line replacement, line extensions and connections. To reduce the risk of flooding and help control pollution in your community, do not place leaves or grass clippings into open drainage systems or place any debris in a location that would impede the flow of water into the underground systems or ditches.