Milledgeville City Hall

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GMA Designation - City of Ethics

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The City of Milledgeville was recognized as a City of Ethics during special ceremonies at the Georgia Municipal Association Convention which was held in June of 2012.


Certification under this program is a way to recognize cities that have adopted principles and procedures that offer guidance on ethical issues, along with a mechanism to resolve complaints at the local level. 

Before beginning a discussion of  ethics in municipal government, we must understand what ethics entails... for ethics is an area in which difficult distinctions between good and bad must be made. The public rightfully expects its elected officials to conduct themselves with honesty and integrity while working for the common good and representative democracy demands such action if it is to function effectively. Therefore, in order to instill confidence in the electorate, it is imperative that local governments establish a  mechanism to ensure that elected officials observe a prescribed set of ethical guidelines in performing the duties of office.  

For a local government to properly function, it requires that public officers and employees act impartially and responsibly to the communities they serve.  The City of Milledgeville is proud to be designated as a City of Ethics and will strive at every juncture to adhere to these Five Principles of Ethical Behavior.